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I finally found the happy medium for my worm compost with just a few minor adjustments:

Juice. I put the container on a slope, which was easily achieved with some concrete bricks that were around the house. Now the slope is directing all of the valuable worm juice right into the bowl. I can easily add this juice to the watering can, and give my veggies an extra boost of nutrients.

Shade. Next, I covered the box in order to water the compost less frequently. Also, I put some leaves on top of the compost to help maintain humidity, just like in nature.

Flies. In order to keep away the flies, I  add a bit of soil on top of recently added food scraps.

the twigster,


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PS: The second photo is from a Rancho Acuario. The new home of Benny, the kitty, and also a home to many great eco-technologies and organic veggies.



The idea is to add food in sections so the worms follow the food through the maze. Once they make it to the end, you have your rich humus.

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