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Oh, we’re soaring now.
Soaring, soaring
High above the trees.

Higher, higher
High above the trees.
But we cant stay too high for long

We must find somewhere to perch,
If only ’til the morn.

Let’s perch here for a while,
But just for a while to be sure.
Nothing but sunny skies today.

Soaring, soaring
High above the trees.
But I can’t stay on this branch no more.

We must keep on flying.
We must find another way,
Another way to soar.

the twigster and her sister,
Josephine & Francesca

PS: If you find yourself in Woodstock, NY, stop by Candlestock. This candle store has some of the most unique candles I have ever seen.

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of the living,

evolving over years,

millions of years, so

rich in history, green,

intertwined netting, the

webbing together of lines,

the stringing together of

repetitive form. delicate

transparency of veins,

cleverly moving from

one end to the next,

carefully dancing

from one

end to



the twigster sister

Camping in Woodstock, NY

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