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Arizona is the place to be if you want some sun. Here are some highlights from a few places I visited.

Bisbee, AZ: 90 miles southeast of Tucson, this little city is full of charm. An old mining town, Bisbee has developed into a vibrant artist community. I enjoyed walking the winding streets of the town, popping into antique stores and jewelry shops. If you ever find yourself in Bisbee, I recommend staying at the Copper Queen Hotel, grabbing some drinks at the Grand Hotel Saloon and enjoying a delicious vegan dinner at POCO Restaurant.




Tucson, AZ: We were always traveling through Tucson on the weekends so I was able to see a fair bit of the city’s nightlife. 4th Avenue, which is in close proximity to the University of Arizona, was always teeming with action. We saw some great live music at Hotel Congress, a smaller venue with an outdoor seating area that gives you a chance to interact with locals. Before catching a show, be sure to stop into the restaurant, Pasco. You won’t be disappointed with a Father Kino cocktail. Yummy.


Sonoita, AZ: Rolling grasslands make Sonoita a peaceful place to rest after touring the nearby vineyards of Elgin, AZ. I had the pleasure of staying at La Hacienda de Sonoita. Usually I am not too keen on staying at bed and breakfasts, but this experience may have changed my mind. Guests’ rooms are detached from the main space, giving you lots of privacy. The B&B maintains its homey feel, however, with the delicious home-cooked breakfast served by the owners. Imagine the tastiness of French toast croissants accompanied by fresh fruit, granola, and Greek yogurt. Add the two dogs running around in the yard, and you have yourself a home away from home.



Tubac, AZ: I passed through Tubac quickly, with only an hour to take in all that the town has to offer. That surely wasn’t enough time. Another artist community, Tubac has lots of galleries and shops with handcrafted items. Only about a 40 minute drive from Tucson, Tubac is worth the trip. Check out some of the public art in Tubac.



The twigster,

PS: I apologize if this post isn’t formatted too nicely. I am writing and loading photos from an iPhone. Gets a little tricky.

PPS: Here is one of my favorite sights to see in Arizona. Look at those donkeys!


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