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We took a short drive out from San Francisco and spent the afternoon searching the tide pools for sea anemones. I had never gotten up close and personal with the creatures before, so upon first sighting, I couldn’t help but poke the squishy body. I instantly became fascinated. Here are some fun facts.

– Sea anemones are carnivorous. They eat fish, snails, and crabs that pass by their stinging tentacles.

– The tentacles inject poison into the prey or predator, which paralyzes the passerby.

– Clownfish aka Nemo are unaffected by the sea anemone’s poisons and make themselves a home within the sea anemone’s tentacles.

– They’re hitchhikers! Sometimes sea anemones will hop on board crabs to catch a ride.

The twigster,


PS: We saw some harbor seals while we were by the tide pools too!



Spot the Closed Sea Anemone

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