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While exploring the desert plants of Arizona for the past few weeks, the jumping cholla cacti have pricked their way into my heart. Don’t let the common name of teddy bear cactus fool you into thinking this is one of those fuzzy petting cacti. Contrarily, chollas have sharp and barbed spines that aid in its reproduction. As a segmented cactus, each segment is loosely attached to the one preceding it. So when an animal or an unfortunate human being brushes against the cactus, the spines get a good grip on the passerby and the segment breaks from the parent. The clinger can then take root and grow into a new plant, which explains why you often see these cuties clustered together. I like to think of it as the starfish of the desert. Pretty cool, huh?

The twigster,


PS: Cholla is pronounced chȯi-yə. Chȯi-yə, chȯi-yə, chȯi-yə!!!!!!



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