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A girl can only do so much road tripping, and train hopping, before the bank account starts to plunge and the desire for the comforts of home return. I knew the 2 month westward journey was coming to a close while in San Francisco, so I made sure there was a seat waiting for me on the flight back to NYC from Portland. It was a return I was excited for as I was in high anticipation to see my family and friends, but it was also a return that sent the butterflies bursting from their cocoons inside my stomach -my fear of the mundane materializing.

I must admit I did suffer from the initial shock of the coastal transition. The fast-paced life of the city had not slowed down in my absence, and the buildings did not shorten their stature. A transition back to New York is not one you can ease into. No, it’s a survival instinct that rushes back when you’re waiting on the taxi line to take you from the airport, and you realize that you better be on high alert or 30 Manhattanites will steal that cab from under your nose. Home, all the same.

While looking through photos of my adventure, my mother, always direct with her words, asked, “Where did all this traveling get you?” At face value, I am in the same place as when I started to plan for this adventure in November – jobless and broke. There is no denying that – I’ve spent the past week scouring online job listings. However, I gained so much from my travels that are not visible upon that first step off the plane. Gathering my thoughts, I replied.

Imagination. I camped on the Channel Islands for a week, without another soul in sight. My mind filled itself with storylines of fairy tales and the underwater world. I listened to what the birds said that woke me with their songs in the morning. I wondered daily about the activities of Tapatió, the fox that visited our campsite to see if we were as diligent as we should be with putting our food away.

Ideas. I rode all components of Portland’s transportation system – the light rail, streetcars, and buses. I traveled quickly, easily, and efficiently, without ever the desire or need to get into a car. Now what if my beloved of New Orleans had that same network? Or what if New Orleans combated some its flooding issues with the implementation of a program similar to Portland’s Green Street Program? A program that increases urban green space while also collecting runoff rainwater, well isn’t that just perfect for New Orleans. With ideas come hope, and with hope comes change.

A new respect for home. You hear tales of people’s adventures while they are wide-eyed and grinning, and this, often prompts me to set out of my own adventures. While traveling I realized that other’s impressions of a place were not the same as those I formed on my own. Frankly some places and some things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Once I grasped that concept I started to look upon my own setting with the eyes of a tourist, to see what others saw when they looked at Manhattan. And then it hit me. Finally, an appreciation for New York!

So yes, here I am again, home in the Big Apple. After a little recuperation, and with some imagination, I’m sure my desire for adventure will return. After all, life is only as mundane as you allow it.

Thank you for joining me on the westward journey. I hope you had as much fun as I did. We made it pretty far considering we only had a bank account full of Big Daddy’s tips.

The twigster,


PS: Want to hire me?

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