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I’m still a romantic and I’m still searching for a harmonious life. I find myself in Querétaro – a city changing rapidly. The city is unscrupulously erasing history and giving in to the urban sprawl and shopping malls. Amongst all this change, I’m hanging on to the past, to the traditions, and to a time when people interacted with the natural world.

I am dedicated to ethnobotany, the study of people’s interaction with plants. Returning to the communities that revealed Mexico’s soul to me, I continue the endless quest for traditional knowledge and once again, a harmonious life.

I look forward to being in touch again, and beginning this new adventure together.

Love always,

the twigster

LlantenMedicinal plant bouquet

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Well hello you watery delight. Oh, and you too. Well look at you all with your magnificent colors. I might just have to take some photographs, and study your existence. Don’t mind me, I just want to propagate you have a roof full of your friends soon.

the twigster,


PS: Anyone with knowledge on how to care for these guys, share please.






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