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Part of the reason why I was thrilled to open Raíces, was the pretext to continue my accumulation of plants. Previous to the store opening, I was collecting an average of three new plants a week. My boyfriend, a landscape architect, loves plants just as much as I do and would contribute to the hoarding with surprises from the greenhouse. Soon the number of plants I owned far surmounted the number of days I had been back living in Querétaro. (To be fair, I had to furnish an apartment, so there were lots of spaces needing a touch of green.)

While planning and designing the store, hundreds of new nooks and crannies opened up as potential plant habitat. Many plants from home transferred over into the working world, sharing their gloriousness with clients. In the store, it is a constant struggle to avoid the inevitable bond with the plant, and each time one sells, the client is given very detailed information about how to care for their new family member. Raíces, in a way, is a foster home for plants looking for a permanent home of love and adoration. Come adopt a plant today and fill your home with natural love!

the twigster,


PS: Part of the inspiration behind Raíces slogan, “naturaleza en casa,” came from visiting friends’ home and witnessing a lack of greenery. Raíces aim is to inspire people to incorporate the natural world into their daily lives.

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