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I broke my biggest promise to myself. I saw a little dehydrated puppy scurrying under a nearby bush to hide from people, and I scooped her up – I scooped her up, wrapped her in a shirt, and speedily walked  to the Huimilpan vet. She was thirsty, hungry, and FULL of fleas. She also had the cutest little chocolate nose I had ever seen.

She went home with me that night. She got a name. I got a new best friend. Canela, or Cinnamon, sweet and spicy at the same time. Her personality perfectly embodied in a cooking spice. Since I had broken one promise to myself, I knew I had to make another. I promised that I would avidly search for a home for her, just like I did with the street kitty, Benny.  I had no idea though that most Mexicans don’t want female dogs. It is not part of the culture to neuter the dogs, and since they don’t want one dog to multiply into six, they shy away from the females.

And so, the search began for Canela’s home. Three months full of numerous posts on Facebook dog adoption groups in Querétaro, calls to dog shelters, and talking up the little pup didn’t get me very far. Until one day, one very nice man, wanted a puppy, and Canela was just the girl.

the twigster,


PS: I told myself that a street animal will not come home with me at least for three months. I got attached to this little Cinnamon Bun.





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