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Friends and family can attest to the fact that I hate throwing things away that could have some future use. Oh, you don’t want that ribbon from your birthday present? I’ll just stick that in the craft drawer. While this mentality has the potential danger of ending in a hoarding mess, it also has the potential to recreate materials, liberating them from their original purpose and the dismal fate of a landfill. As long as you follow through with your crafting projects, and remember the resources that you have saved, rest assured that you would not be buried alive in an avalanche of spare ribbons and cardboard. It is also important to remember what crafts you have the time to take on. Crafting should be fun, not work (unless you have an Etsy profile <3).

Needing a cold, hibernation day activity, I logged on to craftgawker.com, a user-submitted photo gallery of handmade crafts. After some scrolling, I found a tutorial to make this awesome art made out of no other than toilet paper rolls. Seeing the potential of decorating on a budget, I tried it out and loved the result. Scroll down and take a look.

You can make your own with these easy steps.

1. Collect toilet paper and paper towel rolls from friends and your own household. How big you want the piece to be will determine how many cardboard rolls you need to collect. In order to track my waste usage, I want my piece to grow as I use more rolls, so I started with about ten and will go from there.

2. Smoosh down the toilet paper rolls and cut the cardboard into 1-inch strips. Again you can use your preference here with how deep you would like the segments.

3. Start gluing the pieces together and let the creation find you.

4. Color options. If you do not like the color of the cardboard, you can spray paint the piece to a color of your liking. Personally, I chose to leave the cardboard as I think it will turn into a conversation piece when guests get a closer look at the art and realize the material’s past life.

5. Hang and enjoy.

Some extra tips:

It creates a really awesome shadow, if you leave a little room between it and the wall. Perhaps you can use a string to hang it from the ceiling.

This project can be used as seasonal decoration. Paint the cardboard to match the season!

The twigster,


PS: I’d love to hear what you think about this DIY project and I am happy to answer any questions while you craft. 

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