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Getting my Mardi Gras costumes ready was by far my favorite part of Carnival season, well second to the MUSES parade of course. Since I won’t make it to my beloved New Orleans this year, I assembled some costuming ideas to be sure there will be enough glitter present at the parades. I can live through you while you’re getting ready to go catch some beads.

Even if you’re not in New Orleans, everyone deserves to partake in Carnival season. Fat Tuesday may be just like any other day in your city…until you slap that purple wig on, and hit the town. Plus, who wouldn’t wanted to invited to a Mardi Gras party that you host? Here are some ideas for the party’s menu.

  1. Wigs are amazingly fun and can transform you and your aura as quickly as you secure it over your head. If you’re in the NYC area, Ricky’s has a great wig sale going on.
  2. Make a Mardi Gras tutu using purple, gold, and green toile. Check out this tutorial and become a Mardi Gras ballerina. No sewing necessary.
  3. Glitter. You can never have too much glitter. Buy some glitter glue and you can add any color loose glitter to create glitter paint. I loved doing a glitter eyeliner effect and little designs on my face.
  4. Get some Mardi Gras colored star stickers. Put them everywhere.
  5. Mardi Gras beads. Well, you gotta earn those.

Have a fun Carnival season everyone.

The Twigster,


PS: Don’t forget to gorge yourself with King Cake.

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