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I have one more week, to the day, until I depart for Chicago and begin traveling throughout the west. As one adventure often leads to another, I am wandering with a fellow wwoofer (Parker) I met while working with Lowernine.org down in New Orleans. Of course budgets and my tentative Peace Corps departure in July will factor into travel plans, but otherwise we have little restrictions on where and when we will travel.

To start off the adventure, we’re going to work for PAC Tour, Pacific-Atlantic-Cycling Tour, during their Arizona Desert Training Camp for three weeks. While I admittedly know zilch about cycling and endurance cycling at that, I am intrigued to see what it’s all about while also taking in Arizona’s countryside.  Texas is the farthest west I’ve made it within the US and the frontier is calling…

Travel plans thus far…

New York City -> Chicago/suburbs of Chicago -> Road trip to Arizona -> Arizona -> ?

PS: Check out the logic behind this bold statement: “There is nothing natural about the concept of wilderness.” This is one my favorite essays about the wilderness and the western frontier by William Cronon. I’ve struggled with this essay and often come back to it and reflect upon Cronon’s message.

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