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Happy Valentine’s Day! I saw this spiky heart-shaped nopal cactus pad on a hike in San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato, and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it to share with you all for Valentine’s Day. Here in Mexico, this day isn’t just for lovers. It is also a day to celebrate friendships, and people in general. No need for a novio or a novia (boyfriend or girlfriend), share some chocolates with a best friend or gift a rose to a complete stranger. Why? Well, because love is in the air…

the twigster,


PS: My plans for Valentine’s Day? I will be gifting myself with some freshly baked nutella-filled donuts using this recipe I found yesterday on Foodgawker.com.

PPS: Check out where the twigster was last Valentine’s Day here.

PPS: The nopal cactus is also found in the desert regions of the US. Check out some cacti I came across while traveling in Arizona last year here.

A Prickly Heart.

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