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At every rest stop, while arranging the smorgasbord of cookies, potato chips and granola bars, a cyclist would ask, “When are you going to start riding?” A fan of cruising at a nice leisurely pace and terrified of biking on highways, I kept promising that I would start the following day. Apparently, the cycling world is inhabited by very committed and passionate people, who want to share their infatuation with the sport. Needless to say, the pestering never ceased. Finally, one day at lunch, I decided to hop on that most uncomfortable saddle. I strapped on my helmet and rode on slowly but surely as 60 year olds zoomed by me, always with an encouraging smile of course. I had to stop about every 7 miles for a butt stretch, but I did indeed ride the 25 miles in from the lunch stop to the hotel. The nudging stopped, but the burning began. I picked a section with a massive mountain climb for my inaugural cycle. My poor bum.

The twigster,


PS: Cycling really is a beautiful way to see the world. Interested? Check out PAC Tour.



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