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Corn surrounds me. On my walk to work I pass cornfield after cornfield. In my backyard, chickens peck for their snacks in the cornfield. The soothing natural music beckoning me to sit in the fields comes from the rustle of leaves in the cornfield. Corn is life here, and in order for life to continue, the harvest must take place. And so, it is the time of year that house after house is drying cobs in the patio, on the roof, or right in the field. There is corn of every color, – purple, red, orange, yellow, black – shape and size. The true meaning of Huimilpan, “the place of the biggest cornfields,” is truly being realized.

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PS: I recently learned that “forty percent of the calories a Mexican eats a day comes directly from corn, most in the form of tortillas” (Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma). I can’t help but think of this when my host mom places a stack of steaming tortillas on the table for comida.

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Corn Galore

Elote - Grilled over a wood stove and topped with lime and chili

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