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The other day was my first time in Chicago, and by far my biggest priority was to see the Bean, or the Cloud Gate. Typical tourist. I know, and I totally reveled in it.  I first saw some of Anish Kapoor’s work at Gladstone Gallery in NYC in 2008. Since then, his work has continued to fascinate me, especially his ability to engage the viewer in his work and question their perspectives.  Unsurprisingly, this artist has captured my sister’s attention too, and I invited her to share some insight on the sculptor’s work.

the twigster,


The Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park is a seamless construction, executed with precision and talent. A total of 168 stainless steel plates comprise the exterior, yet the Gate appears as a whole bean-shaped drop of “mercury” amidst the city backdrop.  The form and stainless steel material of the Bean then allows the sculpture to form a dialogue with both its audience and the surrounding environment. The sculpture entices the audience to play with their reflections and distorted shapes, and to walk around and even under the sculpture. The viewer quickly learns that different points of contact with the sculpture yield different reflections, different perspectives, and a totally different experience with the art.  This experience, with the backdrop of Chicago’s downtown reflecting in the Bean throughout, unites the viewer, the environment, and the sculpture as one entity. Anish Kapoor successfully created a world within a bean – a windy world.

twigster sister

The Bean!

The Cloud Gate, Chicago
Under the Bean

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