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Inspired by the chronicles of the Barefoot Sisters (two sisters who hiked the Appalachian Trail barefoot), I have fooled around on various hiking trips, taking off my shoes for parts of the trail, testing my endurance, and “training” my feet to welcome the uncertainty of the ground. Never before, however, had I spent the entire day on the farm working barefoot. That was until I became increasingly aware of how I clunked around in my work boots while the animals roamed the pasture effortlessly with their bare paws and hooves. After that moment of blatant juxtaposition, I decided to liberate my awkwardly booted feet, and return to my primal being. With one shoe unlaced, my toes wriggled in anticipation to meet the ground. They were welcomed by grass that was still wet from yesterday’s thunderstorms. The grass refreshed my feet, and the cooling sensation penetrated my entire body. This was a worthwhile jailbreak, I decided.

Since my fascination with the barefooted people of the world began a few years ago, my ears have been alert to related news in the barefoot world. There is an entire subculture dedicated to regaining the lost sensation of bare-feet on the ground, and informing the public about the health benefits of the shoeless and sockless life. The other day, I stumbled upon this New York Magazine article, “You Walk Wrong.” Allow me to share with you some of what I learned.

– Your bare toes help you to grip the earth, and with that, provide you with more stability and balance.

–  There are a whopping 24 (or, for some people, 26) bones in the foot

– It is not against the law to drive barefoot.

– barefooters.org is the official site of the Society for Barefoot Living. They have some interesting facts and articles on their site.

– Shoes are unnecessary and can actually cause additional health problems, such as wear and tear on the knees.

– You should give it a try!

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PS: The pigs’ names are Hunky, Dory, and Papaya.


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