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Woodland Fairy tale

Patrick Dougherty's installation at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A brief respite from a rainy week prompted the family and I to take a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We spotted turtles peaking their heads above the water in the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden and wandered through the various flower collections, pausing of course to smell the roses. Comatose and satisfied with a belly full of butternut squash soup, we traced the paths indiscriminately until we stumbled upon Patrick Dougherty’s installation. That stopped us in our tracks.

The artist’s whimsical installation made solely of sticks can transport even the cynic to a fantasyland. Combining whirls with architecture, the contradictory elements unite to create something out of a woodland storybook. Keeping with nature, Dougherty’s work looks effortless, as though it simply came to being. The ephemeral nature of his works, usually lasting no more than two years, pays homage to the fragility that is life. I highly recommend a visit to the Garden to see this installation. You just may find me curled up on the floor, with a twig wand in hand.

Click here to check out more work by Patrick Dougherty.



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