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I am starting the process of packing up. I am finishing my Peace Corps service at the end of October. I can hardly believe it, but starting to pack is helping me to process it all. Just now, as I was going through some old notebooks, I came across a letter I wrote to fellow Peace Corps Volunteers at the middle point of my service.

Dear Fellow Peace Corps Volunteer,

1. Let’s find comfort in our overlooked accomplishments and more importantly, in the connections we are building. I may not have fixed all of the bio-filters in the communities, and your garden may look a little crispy, but what else happened today? Today one of my english students composed a coherent sentence. Today, I drank really good local herb tea and wrote a report that both my counterpart and I were happy with. Who did you connect with today? What did you do well today?

2. Constantly, try to remind yourself who you are and what you originally set out to achieve during your service. Don’t change your name to fit the language, if you don’t want to. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your culture and your new adopted culture either.

3. Yes, projects are important, but will the number of installed gardens be what you take away from your service? Remember the larger picture and the other two goals of our service.

4. Find your cheerleaders and be your own cheerleader. Seek help from other volunteers; they are going through the same thing you are. Call home too. People miss you and want to see if they can help you somehow.

I love that I am meeting people that I may have never had the opportunity to meet. I love that I am helping to break down the myths of US success in my migrant heavy town. I love that I am seeing life on both sides of the border. What do you love about your site and what you are doing? Focus on that and the rest will fall into place too.

the twigster,

Enjoying a carne asada at the non-profit, CIASPE in Querétaro, México.

Enjoying a carne asada at the non-profit, CIASPE in Querétaro, México.

PCM-13, COS having fun, August 2014, IMG_4461

Close of Service Conference: This group has been the best support during my time in Mexico.

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