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As a recent college graduate who is desperately fighting the forces of the typical nine to five inferno, I am about to explore the work possibilities of the good ‘ol US of A. With a focus on respect for the natural world and sustainable living, I am hoping to acquire a range of experiences from farming to carpentry, most of which will be new for a city gal like myself. I am seeking a reawakening of the senses, and a rejuvenation of currently held perspectives. The idealist within is clinging to the hope that the people I meet along the way will be magical, a breed of folk that have left conventional society to follow their dreams, live with the land, and be one with nature. Like I said, I’m a romantic. The plan is loose as of yet, as it probably will continue to be throughout this escapade. There will be one constant, many mishaps and funny stories.  Stay tuned for my adventures.

The first stop: wwoofing at Threshold Farm in Philmont, New York. The adventure begins October 5th. Am I intimidated to milk my first cow?  Those udders are terrifying.

The twigster,


PS: For those of you who would like to learn more about wwoofing, check out http://www.wwoof.org/northamerica.asp














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